This section publishes information regarding the contest organization, battles time schedule, etc.
With all people who are interested in the contest, there will be an introductory meeting to decide the day and time of the weekly meetings.

The documentation, artificial environment source codes where the contest takes place, examples of simple MOs to test the competing algorithms and any other information referred to this contest will be published here. The source code of each battle winner will be also published online.


There are two categories:

  • Beginners: first-time competitors;
  • Advanced: those who have already participated in a previous contest.

After each meeting there will be a presentation of the strategies used, where each participant may present to others, in no more than 15 minutes, a description of the programming strategies and techniques used.


Competition Referees are responsible for:

  • Organizing each tournament,
  • Maintaining scores and determining winners,
  • Keeping the source code of the simulation updated and ensuring that the original version is used in each match,
  • Organizing each meeting, ensuring place and physical equipment,
  • Keeping everybody informed,
  • Helping beginners to develop their first microorganisms,
  • Intervening in cases where regulations are not respected or any dishonest action has been made, to the detriment of other competitors or the competition itself,
  • Serving as interlocutors with each of the organizing institutions.
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