Battles, meetings and tournaments

Winning a battle means eliminating all opponent MOs. The amount of energy of each surviving MO will be taken into account.
A meeting winner is the one who wins the best of 5 battles between two competitors, considering winner to the one who adds more energy in its victories and not the one having more battles won. Each of the five battles take place with a different food distribution. All fights between two colonies will be carried out with the same five nutrient distributions.
Each tournament will be won by whoever gets the most total energy, computed by adding the energy of all meetings in which it has been involved (including only won games). A tournament winner will add 3 points in the overall ranking table. Similarly, the second position (getting 2 points) and third position (getting 1 point) will be defined.

Depending on the number of participants, the referees shall determine if the tournament takes place "all against all" or by "single elimination". A tournament starts and ends with a single source code per participant, which may be upgraded from one tournament to another. The source code of the winner of each tournament is posted on the website created for this competition.
When a participant misses a tournament, the MO will participate with the code presented in the last tournament. It is considered that if a participant is missing in 3 consecutive tournaments he has retired from competition.

The contest winner is a participant who accumulates most points over all tournaments conducted every week. The number of tournaments will be determined during the competition.


  • Winning a battle: removing all opponent MOs.
  • Winning a meeting: greater energy accumulated by the survivors of 5 battles.
  • Winning a tournament: increased accumulation of energy in all tournaments.

1st) 3 points - 2nd) 2 points - 3rd) 1 point.

  • Winning the contest: most points accumulated during tournaments.
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